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Accurate Fire Pro provides home security systems in Springfield Ohio.  With all the smart device technology currently on the market,  we know you will love the new Smart Home Security Systems.  You can get connected to your home by using your smart phone or mobile tablets.  One of our favorite products that we install is the Honeywell Home Alarm Systems.  They offer several different systems that can give you the smart home connected features.  You will be able to control your home environment if you are home or away with your personal monitoring system

Some of the features we can provide you by installing a Smart Home Security System are listed below.

  • Control your locks whether you are at home or not.
  • Control your lighting for energy savings and security.
  • You can control your home
  • Keypads now offered have graphic touchscreens that match your décor.
  • Your Alarm System can provide fire and life safety by monitoring 24 hours a day.
  • Wireless Motion Sensors can help notify you when intruders enter the home.
  • Glass Breaking Detectors can alert you when any glass window is broken.
  • Wireless Keys are available to help you arm and disarm your system, activate panic alarms, or control lights and garage doors.
  • Environmental Sensors will notify you if there is a flood or extreme temperatures in your home.  Great for the basement, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms.
  • Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors will help alert you when someone is attempting to move valuable objects from your home. This can include movement of flat screen TV’s paintings and more.
  • Wireless Outdoor Sensors can alert you when activity is sensed outdoors.  There are special monitoring devices that will alert you for movement of outdoor valuables.
  • Accurate Fire Pro offers Honeywell Alarm Systems and many other top brands.


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